Things I tell myself at age 22:

1. life is worth living, never forget that.

2. to cry or not to cry? cry, darling.

3. call parents, ask them about their day.

4. should you really post that?

5. laban lang.

6. don’t be ashamed of the things you love

7. don’t shame people for the things they love

8. ask friends about their day.

9. draw

10. stay curious 

11. you don’t need somebody to complete you, you already are

12. be mindful of your words

13. don’t cut people off when they’re talking

14. don’t forget your glasses!

15. when in an argument, count to 10 before responding

16. kaya mo ‘yan

17. stop eating too much fast food please lang

18. write on your journal

19. don’t be a know it all

20. drink water!!!

21. i know that you miss Tiny

22. forgive without being asked for forgiveness

23. do it for the experience, not for the IG pics

24. don’t smile if you don’t feel like it

25. be kind

26. stay humble

27. release your anger, don’t keep it all in.

28. do the laundry

29. try your best to be patient

30. remember how lucky you are to be living the life you’re living

31. you can talk to your friends about your problems

32. savor the moment

33. bad recit day? itulog mo na ‘yan. bawi next time.

34. you are stronger than you think

35. you are not a disappointment 

36. there is a place and time for everything

37. stand your ground when you’re in the right

38. stop spending so much money on clothes

39. pay bills

40. don’t force yourself to be happy on your bad days

41. love

42. wag kang magparinig sa Twitter

43. keep in mind that it’ll pass

44. manage your time wisely

45. you are allowed to make mistakes

46. save up!

47. there is always help

48. finish your fics!!!

49. makakabawi ka rin sa mga magulang mo

50. meditate

51. you are naming your first born Robin

52. have rest days/hours

53. i’m proud of you.

54. read this at least once a week

55. add more (before you turn 23) when necessary 

Y (list is at 55 as of 10/18/17)



May your actions haunt you for the rest of your days. May you listen to your conscience no matter how low it whispers. May you still manage to find your humanity at the very bottom of your soul. For you are now branded as cowards and murderers. Be aware that this is a test of what matters most. You all know what the right thing to do is. Have the fucking balls to do it.