the act of falling

Fall in love with someone
not meant for you.
It’ll probably end in heartbreak but
fuck that and fall anyway.
The keyword is ‘probably’.
So darling, either savor the love you’re experiencing
right now while it’s still there or
prove them wrong and make it last this lifetime
and the next.

Don’t fall for someone who’s
willing to catch you.
Fall for someone who will fall with you.
Who will get to experience what you’re experiencing.
Face first, hands touching, with hearts pounding.
Feel the adrenaline building up
as you’re plummeting to the ground.
Embrace the impact and just let it be.

Come to realize later on, that it doesn’t matter
who you fall in love with.
A summer fling.
Your childhood best friend.
Your childhood enemy.
That stranger from Starbucks.
The wrong person.
The right person.
How does one even distinguish one from the other
without actually experiencing the fall?
Meant to be or not, it will still not be easy.
Because nothing. Ever. Is.
It isn’t about trial and error,
It isn’t about falling in and out of love,
It isn’t about the number of times you’ve fallen
no matter how fast or slow.
It’s the fact that you were
brave enough to try that counts.

Falling in love can be a lot of things
but it is most certainly not a waste of time.
It’s like diving into the ocean, into the unknown.
Will there be a sunken ship with hidden treasure?
A bunch of hungry sharks waiting for their next meal?
The lost city of Atlantis maybe?
Who knows.
It’s a complete mystery that even Sherlock can’t solve.
But don’t let that stop you.
Let it excite you.
Let it be the spark that will ignite you.
Knowing that you don’t know what’s going to happen next
is what makes it utterly worth it in the end.

So, fall,
with certainty, with uncertainty.
with eyes wide open or tightly closed.
There are no rules.
Darling, take a deep breath
and just  F



Author: meriyaaat

Just a fangirl who likes to read, write, and draw.

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